Car Park in city center – Sibu, Malaysia

Multistory car park in city center Light is one of…

Multistory car park in city center

Light is one of the most important elements for parking areas. The visual appearance and the atmosphere is what make the car driver comfortable as he/she enters the parking area. In addition, the orientation and sense of security of the visitors is also affected by light sources. Both in underground parking areas and above ground parking areas, it is essential to install a good, uniform illumination to fulfill these requirements.

This open multi story car park in Sibu is a good example of how to fulfill the requirement of a parking garage. The luminaire variants were equipped with a sealed lamp cover. The temperature variations caused by draughts were taken into account under all circumstances, since these can cause a considerable loss in luminous intensity of the lamp.

For areas of application like open areas in which a stable luminous intensity is required over a wider temperature range (-20 °C to +40 °C) the REGENTS LED offers the item RL-S-2X36N-HF-NF with built-in heat retaining tube.